An experience of a lifetime

Driving your Porsche in the Alps is more than just the thrill of pressing the pedal and turning the wheel to feel the acceleration and the curve, it's about feeling and enjoying life. The clear sky above, the smell of the mountains mixing with the sweet smell of burned fuel, the window down, wind rushing by — it’s that special feeling we crave when the Porsche club sets off on our yearly trip to the Italian Alps.

But it’s not just the driving that keeps us coming back, it’s also everything in between. When you get to indulge in everything from delicious gourmet dinners to ice-cooled spumante, when you and your fellow Porsche enthusiasts get to park in the middle of a century old village square to enjoy the excitement of the people around you — that’s when you know you’re coming back again… and again…

Program for Alpetur 2018

The program for Alpetur 2018 is planned from the 08th - 15th Sep 2018

In 2018, alpetur has 10 years anniversary. For this reason, we have sent a questionnaire to all previous participants, with 15 routes we have been through the years and asked them to select 4 of them. The 4 winning routes are now selected to constitute the Alpetur 2018 anniversary edition.

Saturday we meet at Hotel Caminetto in Folgarida, where we will be informed of the next day's Dimaro-Folgarida Hill Climb Parade and Rally.