Program for Alpetur 2018

The program for Alpetur 2018 is planned from the 08th - 15th Sep 2018

In 2018, alpetur has 10 years anniversary. For this reason, we have sent a questionnaire to all previous participants, with 15 routes we have been through the years and asked them to select 4 of them. The 4 winning routes are now selected to constitute the Alpetur 2018 anniversary edition.

Saturday we meet at Hotel Caminetto in Folgarida, where we will be informed of the next day's Dimaro-Folgarida Hill Climb Parade and Rally.

From Monday we will start a fantastic week where we will drive along Lake Garda, Tremosine (route from James Bond film and Rally Stage), Manghen Special Stage, Val Malene Special Stage and of course there will also be good culinary experiences.

During the week we have to go through countless mountain passes, experience beautiful and exciting places and especially enjoy our cars and the good company.